Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to get questions, we will try to update this page as frequently as possible. 

This information pertains mainly to recreational players and teams, although some of the information is the same.  Competitive teams fall under YAYSL and we have less control of the season.

When is the season?
Games will begin in early August, with practices beginning late July, and end in mid October.  Exact dates have not yet been finalized.

When will teams be assembled?
Registration is set to expire on June 30th.  Once registration is complete, teams will be finalized and given to coaches.

When are practices?
Once teams are assembled, coaches will reach out to begin practices.  Practices are chosen by individual coaches.  Boardman Soccer Association does  not a set days, times, or how many practices as that is left up to the coach.  Teams may practice at any Boardman School facility.  Regular practices shall not be held at the fields.

Do I have to live in Boardman to register my child?
No.  We welcome players from all communities but do not allow other communities to bring entire teams.  Players from all communities will be randomly placed on teams.

Can we request coaches and teammates?
To try and maintain competitive balance, requests will not generally be accepted.  This gives players an opportunity to meet new friends and learn from various coaches.

How old does my child have to be to play?
Players 4-14 may register.  Players who turn 4 this calendar year can play.  There are occasions where 15 year olds may play, but usually once players are in high school, they play for their schools.